The Black Monk

Adapted from the novella by Anton Chekhov

Andrei Vasilich Kovrin, a tireless young scholar, has returned home for some much needed rest. His former guardian, the renowned horticulturist Yegor Semyonich Pesotsky, has been toiling to save their orchard estate in the face of an uncertain future. Pesotsky’s greatest hope seems confirmed in Kovrin’s homecoming, with particular regard to his only daughter, Tanya. As their lives and labors begin to find happy balance, Kovrin resumes his important work, but is shortly visited by an enchanting emissary from the unknown, the legendary Black Monk. The Black Monk brings with him the promise of a glorious future for all and the answer to Kovrin’s very deepest of questions. The only trouble is no one else can see or hear him.

David Rabe has magnificently captured the soul of Chekhovian drama in his adaptation, and delivers his most haunting, poetic play to date.

Simpatico’s The Black Monk is a rare opportunity to experience David Rabe at his best and most unique, while catching a “new” play by master dramatist Anton Chekhov. Not to be missed!

The Black Monk runs approximately 21/2 hours with one 12 minute intermission.

April 10th – April 29th, 2012
The Off-Broad Street Theater
1636 Sansom Street, Philadelphia

Directed by Allen Radway


David Howey

Matt Lorenz          Sarah Van Auken           David Blatt

 Janice Rowland          William Rahill        John Greenbaum

 Shannon Remley          Eric Wunsch         Christopher Roche

Scenic Design and Properties – Christopher Haig
Lighting Design – Leigh A. Mumford
Costume Design – Charlotte Cloe Fox Wind
Music Direction and Sound Design – John Greenbaum
Original Music – Elizabeth Zook and John Greenbaum

Production Manager – Daniel X Guy
Stage Manager – Mark Jesse Swanson
Technical Director – Evan Leigh
Production Coordinator – Zachary Joseph Chiero
Production Supervisor – Sarah Mitteldorf
Dramaturgy – Allison Garrett

Promotional Photography by Dominic Episcopo. Graphics by Josh Levitas.

Simpatico’s production of The Black Monk was made possible by the generous support of The Wyncote Foundation, supporting efforts that strengthen and enrich culture, community and the natural environment.


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