Simpatico Theatre Project was conceived in Portland, Maine by five Portland Stage Company interns who shared a belief that theatre has the power and potential to be a force for direct social change. The founding members established the company in Philadelphia, which they perceived to be a large city still retaining a strong sense of community. The company was formally incorporated in July 2005, and received its federal tax-exempt status in 2006. Simpatico has produced nineteen full-scale productions to date; and has successfully raised awareness for causes such as: victims’ rights, citizen action, environmental racism, substance abuse, prisoner rehabilitation & reentry, AIDS research, illegal gun violence, equal opportunity for people with disabilities, local mentoring opportunities, and healthy parent/child communication.

Founding Members (l-r): Jacob Walton, Angela S. Zuck, C. Ryanne Laratonda, Katie Driscoll, and Jennifer Pratt.

Though our founding members have moved on to new adventures, they continue to support Simpatico, many remaining directly involved with the company’s further development. Ryanne, Jenny, Angie, Jake and Katie would all like to thank the Philadelphia community for giving them such a warm and welcoming artistic home. They hope you will join them in spreading the word that the arts truly can change the world.


C. Ryanne Laratonda   (Artistic Director 2005-2010, current Affiliate Artist)
Jennifer Pratt        (
Managing Director 2005-2010, Board of Directors 2010-2012)
Angela S. Zuck    (
Literary Manager 2005-2010, Production Manager 2007-2010)
Jacob Walton       (
Production Manager 2005-2007, Technical Director 2007-2009)
Katie Driscoll       (Marketing Director 2005-2008