Simpatico Theatre Project acknowledges that the world is not a perfect place, but firmly believes that open dialogue within a community is the first step toward addressing adversity. We believe that by establishing an active relationship with our audience we are able to actually contribute to the conversation, facilitate new approaches toward solving problems together and ultimately better serve the community of Philadelphia. We open this discussion by confronting complicated social issues and asking provocative questions of our audience without providing easy answers or presuming to know the best methods of solving them. Our programming engages theatre lovers and Philadelphians of all ages and walks of life, but specifically seeks to connect with those individuals and organizations that are actively pursuing ways to make their community and city a better place by taking action. We are able to connect with the majority of these stakeholders through our unique nonprofit partnerships. These partnerships are determined by how an outside organization’s mission and programming speaks to or is reflected in our current production or theatrical season. These partnerships are mutually beneficial in generating new audiences and mission devotees. Simpatico is able to reach non-traditional and/or first-time theatregoers while our partner organizations are able to engage a new demographic of supporter within the Philadelphia theatre-going public. These collaborations are specifically designed to connect separate communities within Philadelphia, and more often than not link our Center City Philadelphia stakeholders with organizations in North, West and Southwest Philadelphia where the performing arts are least represented and can make perhaps the greatest civic contributions.